A fainthearted individual who was recently dumped; who took a leap of faith and joined a few dating websites to find that one perfect, handsome, tall Minnesota man.

Who am I, you ask? I am a 30 something year old who is bit neurotic, witty, funny, loyal, Italian…a lady who will always have your back as long as you have hers.

What am I looking for? The one, of course! A tall man, with a great head of hair, and a great beard, who can cook me food, feed me whiskey, has an appreciation for music, loves to travel, is unique (like in a hipster way but one who is not actually hipster) and, also, just for giggles; someone who is kind, caring, honest, and can make me laugh – but let us not go over everything with a fine tooth comb.

This blog will be a bible of sorts, full of wit and witticisms from yours truly and the ones I am blessed to call my best friends. This ‘bible’ is for all those single ladies out there trying to find their one true love; that one man who did not check all your boxes, but stole your heart.